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Autonomous Haulage System

  • Scoping/PF/FS study of autonomous trucks – Evaluation of autonomous haulage system against the conventional transport option.
  • Preparation, modelling and design of operational functional test of autonomous trucks in mining operations.
  • Strategic / tactical plan for the implementation of autonomous haulage system in mining operations.
  • Optimisation of mining designs for the optimal performance of the autonomous trucks throughout the mining plan.
  • Technical leader of the first autonomous mining workshop – Comparison of the operational performance of AT mines.

Collision Avoidance System (CAS)

  • Design, commissioning and execution of a strategic plan for the implementation of a collision avoidance system in a fleet of mining equipment.
  • Strategic corporate plan for the implementation of safety technologies in mining operations.
  • Study of the implementation and awarding of proximity alert technology in large mining operations.

Mine Planning Software

  • Implementation and specialised support sor the Alastri product portfolio:
    • Haul Infinity: Estimation and calculation of cycle times for short, medium and long term mining plans.
    • Spatial Conformetrics: Measurement and control of spatial and volumetric adherence for short and medium term mining plans.
    • Rapid Reserver: Calculation of reserves, design and estimation of requirements for short, medium and long term drilling and blasting plans.
    • Tactical Scheduler: Development and evaluation of medium and long-term mining plans (+ 3M).
    • Production Scheduler: Development and evaluation of short-term mining plans (weekly and monthly).

Data Analytics

  • Equipment performance analysis – Comparison of the actual speed profile and the expected performance.
  • Modelling of interest aspects in order to predict future values and detect anomalies.
  • Development of prescribing agents that recommend actions based on predictive models and expert mining analysis.
  • Upgrade study of concentrator plant control system.

Alternative Materials Hauling Technologies

  • Scope – conceptual study and evaluation of the business case in:
    • Trolley assist.
    • Battery electric vehicles.
    • In pit crushing and conveying.
  • Technical participation in GMG conference on trolley assist.

Autonomous Drills System (ADS)

  • Development of operational strategy and introduction of autonomous drills.
  • Design and execution of a strategic plan for the implementation of autonomous drills.

Fleet Management System (FMS)

  • Management, operation and use of dispatch system in mining operations.
  • Development of “Driver Tree software” connected to a fleet management system database.

Payload Technology System

  • Initiatives to improve the effectiveness of payload in load and haulage mining fleets.

Remote Bulldozer

  • Engineering study for the implementation of remote bulldozers in stock piles.
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